Music Not From Music From The Bride Of The Gator

by Gator Bride Sound Team

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    The website is available freely for all at, which contains all bonus material in an online viewing gallery form, as well as extensive essays on creation.

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2016 UPDATE: Following a similar update to "Music From...", the first track here now uses 3-digit representation. The album art booklet has been updated accordingly- re-download it if you've bought the album before!


From the swamp straight to your surround sound system is Music Not From Music From The Bride Of The Gator- a detailed inventory of sounds and zounds abound that were completely, and unforgivably, forgotten, overlooked, or straight up scrapped in the production and collection of the 50 track selection "Music From The Bride Of The Gator". On the eve of the first year anniversary, this has been rectified! With tracks such as "Revenge of the Anti-Pyramid League", "Excavation", and/or "guitar45 (Repair)", you know you're in for a delightful treat!

Music Not From Music... features a dozen newly relinquished tracks that are a perfect fit for lovers of Gator Bride Music. To make this cooler, this release is also celebrating the public launch of the previously private eyes only website Gator Bride Music @ - even more perfect for lovers of Gator Bride Music! But that's not all, as buyers of this EP get an exclusive PDF of a glitch art album booklet, an informational pamphlet, and a Skirt Dingo catalog! Wow! Get it all now!!

But now, Let's hear it from the review columns:

"I would not part with this wonderful collection of music for every Gator's mood." - Arinon, Quebec
"How many tracks does this one have? I promised $2 per track last time, and that ripped me out big time! Who releases a 50 track album? Who does that?" - [Name withheld], Canada
"I look forward to it!" - some friend of mine I forget who, Minnesota
"I was on the phone for hours listening to the sweet sounds of Music Not From Music From The Bride Of The Gator, I found out if you dial 8 every time you hear the guitar, you can get to a hidden track!" -- Tellie Fohns, Anywhere, USA
*crickets chirping* - Facebook, Earth

Thanks for weighing in everyone! See y'all again on May 31st, 2016!


released May 31, 2015

- Decky Coss for like, everything forever
- Lonney(s) for being a huge inspiration
- Octophore for being the reason any of this exists
- #bb crew (y'all know who y'are!)

EP MUSIC (in reverse order of appearance):
- me
- electric guitar with broken settings
- some funny sample idk
- a burst from a Juno 101
- my computer generating OpenMPT tracks (3 times)
- more Juno 101
- OpenMPT x computer x 4
- and a text to voice apparatus (also featuring a song from the original album).

- Clickteam Fusion 2.5 + source for some klik art assetsr
- MS Paint



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Track Name: 003 - Birthday Intro (Be Sure Of That)
Music Of The Bride Of The Gator First Anniversary

(guitar solo)

Music Of The Bride Of The Gator First Anniversary
Music Of The Bride Of The Gator First Anniversary
Yrasrevinna Tsirf Rotag Eht Fo Edirb Eht Fo Cisum